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2016 “Winter” Construction Moves Apace

Here in the US it’s the shortest day of the year and we are moving into the deep cold of winter. But, in Kamariny, every day all year includes 12 hours of daylight and the weather has been great for construction as Richard and the crew prepare to put the second floor “deck” on the main building. They have been working hard and Richard has been a little more “hands on” to make up for Mr. Majani’s decreased mobility.

Felix Sirma, the project manager has sent lots of photos. Here are a few of the things that have been happening.

Richard and the architect, Kipsang, plan the work of preparing to pour cement.

The crew unloads timber that will be used to create a frame for the poured concrete.

Cutting the support poles to the correct length.

Building the scaffolding.

The scaffolding is finished.

Richard examines the scaffolding.

Richard and the crew plan to pour concrete for half of the deck using the wooden scaffolding plus the reinforcing metal which they are now building. Then, most of the timber can be reused to build scaffolding for the second half of the deck. That second half will be poured with my supervision when I am there in July. I am excited that construction is moving fast enough for us to now have two building sessions per year.

We are working hard to get the funds together now to finish the deck in July, so fundraising over the next few months will be very important. Then will come the roof , the second floor walls and interior finishing.  Simbolei is being built board by board and stone by stone, one wheelbarrow of cement at a time. It is slow, but we are tenacious and the time is growing close. Our opening date of January 2018 is definitely within reach now.

As we close another year, Richard and I and the people of Kamariny/Iten are filled with gratitude for the support we have received to overcome each obstacle and build toward the future. The young women of this rural area will soon fill this building with learning, chatter and laughter. We are so happy to have you with us on this journey.



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