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Construction Continues as We Play Catch Up and the Amazing Mr. Majani Keeps At It

Over the past four years, we’ve worked out a division of labor for construction and literacy workshops that worked out pretty well. ¬†Richard was in Kenya for the last part of December and the first part of January, during which time he got most of the construction work done. I, along with a few volunteers, traveled to Kenya for the month of July to organize and conduct the literacy workshops and check on day to day maintenance of the volunteer cottage and security of the construction site, plus review the financial book keeping, file government paperwork and plan the next season’s construction work with help from the building committee. But, this year we learned about flexibility and what we can really do when the pressure is on.

Richard planned to arrive in December, prepare the site and forms for the concrete and pour concrete before he headed home. But, what he found was getting timber for the forms, getting all the proper paperwork filed, renting and placing the metal “trays” that hold the cement while it dries and also placing the metal framework for the concrete just took more time and money than he had available.

So, for the first time he left without finishing everything he had planned. The good side is that since Felix Sirma joined us as site manager a year ago, we are able to do many more things “long distance” than we could before. So, even though Richard is back in the US, construction work continues at the site. Here are a couple of recent photos.

Placing the metal framework for the cement pouring.

Showing the main entrance area of the school which will have a balcony on the second floor.


Now, look closely at this picture. You can see Mr. Majani, our construction supervisor on the roof on crutches.  The plan was that he would supervise work from the ground as he was badly injured in a motorcycle accident a few months ago and is not completely recovered. But, he is as eager as we are for work to go forward. And is he can keep at it, so can we!

Crutches don’t stop construction supervisor Mr. Majani from getting up on the roof to supervise.

As construction moves along, we are making plans for volunteers to travel to Kenya on July 2-10 for the literacy outreach workshops. If you are interested in joining us, send us a message at


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