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Moving Forward While Sheltering in Place

Time for updates!  It’s been a busy winter for the Kaitanys. At present, we have moved out of our house in Michigan, sent the school library, microscopes and most of our possessions off in a container to Kenya, and we are now sheltering in place in different locations while waiting for the Covid 19 pandemic to subside so we can relocate ourselves to Kenya.

On the plus side, we were able to get the container off in good order. Also, we have our wonderful site manager, Felix, in charge in Kenya so we know everything there is safe and sound including the Simbolei Academy building, the cows and our small house. Richard is in Michigan with some of our neighbors, hoping to head to Kenya as soon as international flights resume. Andrea is in Iowa doing some gardening for her mother and hoping to join Richard by August.

On the “not so plus” side this is a new experience for everyone and we cannot predict how travel regulations and requirements may change in the next few months. So, we remain flexible and patient, just as all of our friends and supporters must in this environment.

We remain determined at this time to focus all of our energy on opening Simbolei Girls in January 2021. The need for high quality local secondary education has increased due to economic and social pressures of the pandemic. We have an important role to play in helping the community to cope and we remain optimistic that we will overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.

As always, we depend on the support and encouragement of our friends and donors to help us meet our goals.

We will keep you posted as we add more details to our timeline.


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