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Volunteers are needed both on an ongoing and occasional basis.

Simbolei Academy

Presentations: Contact us to arrange a presentation four your school, church, synagogue or civic group about Kenyan education and our project. We can prepare a presentation appropriate for your group’s age and interests.

Simbolei Academy

Events: We host fundraising and education events to help fund construction of Simbolei Academy, the Simbolei Community Library and Summer Literacy Outreach. Events include cookbook sales, concerts and Kenyan dinners. If you would like to host an event or volunteer to help with an event, email us at info@simboleiacademy.org 

Simbolei Academy

Educators: Currently, we are planning curriculum and library programming for Simbolei Academy. If you are a teacher, librarian educator, or curriculum design specialist, we need you! We are interested in volunteers who can work remotely from the US or Kenya and also in people  who are interested in working in Kenya short or medium term. For more details email info@simboleiacademy.org. 

Simbolei Academy

In Kenya: We will have multiple volunteer opportunities in Kenya beginning in August 2020. Contact us for more details. 


Your monetary goes a long way in Kenya, no matter what amount you can give.

Simbolei Academy

2 bags of cement for construction or
4 classroom reference books or
1 student desk or bookshelf for the classroom

Simbolei Academy

10 picture books for community library and literacy program
10 insecticidal bed nets for the dormitory
5 bags of cement for construction

Simbolei Academy

1 battery powered microscope
Reconditioning for one donated string instrument
10 bags of cement

Simbolei Academy

Moves two loads of building stone (we need about 15 more for the whole project)
Equips five classrooms with screened windows with fire safety latches
(no local schools currently have screens or safe, relockable windows).



Other Donations:

Books: We need new or gently used picture books, young adult novels and non-fiction, and leisure and educational reading for adults. If you or your group would like to donate books, please contact us for details.

School supplies: We need new school supplies of all types including pencils, notebooks, markers, crayons and chalk. We can accept new or used calculators in good condition. Contact us for further details.

Musical instruments: We are developing a school chamber orchestra. We need donations of violins, violas, and/or cellos. We can usually arrange minor repairs. Contact us for specifics if you would consider donating a musical instrument.

While the bottom of the Great Rift Valley has a dry, desert-like atmosphere, the plateau, where Simbolei Girls' is being built, has a mild climate with temperatures all year round ranging between lows of 40°F to highs of 78°F.

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