Education, Empowerment
and Community

Rift Valley Province in Kenya is physically beautiful but economically and educationally disadvantaged. Last year, one-third of students finishing primary school were unable to attend high school because not enough schools were available. The schools that exist locally are generally of low quality. High-quality schools are usually very expensive and located only in major cities.

The goal of the Simbolei Community Assistance Association is to build and develop a high-quality, affordable high school for girls in Kamariny, the heart of rural Rift Valley Province. In addition we are planning programs to encourage literacy and community cohesiveness through tutoring for children as well as educational seminars on child development, health and home economics for adults. Our school also will include an open community library to help build cultural understanding and a broader knowledge of the world in this rural community.

We invite you to join us in this project. With our Kenyan partners and the help of our donors, an affordable secondary education will soon be a reality for young women in rural Kenya.  Simbolei Community Assistance Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  For more information on upcoming events, including how to purchase our East African cookbook, see our blog page.












The Great Rift Valley is part of a huge tectonic rift in the earth's crust that also created the Red Sea and the valley of the Jordan River.

Simbolei Girls Secondary School, Kenya