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Join Us On a Virtual Fieldtrip!

The internet is full of cultural treasures, from music to art exhibits. However, it can be hard to sort out content that is family friendly and educational. Since we are all waiting things out together, in the US and in Kenya, we’ve decided to take a virtual tour of some of the best cultural online sites. Many museums, libraries and musical organizations are offering special events and exhibits during this time. So, pack your virtual travel gear, find a comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and join us for biweekly postings of the Simbolei Virtual Cultural Fieldtrip 2020!

We are conducting the tour mainly through our Facebook site at

However, you can also visit the sites by checking in here. Last week, we kicked off with a trip to the British Museum, London

This week, we travel to Washington DC in the USA to visit the National Museum of African American History.

There are simply more sites than we can possibly keep up with and our tour will zoom around the globe. Looking forward to seeing you on the fieldtrip!


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